Hi, I'm Andrew S. Parnell, a UX Manager currently scaling a team of designers working on enterprise software for Legal, Financial, and Professional Services at Intapp in Palo Alto, CA.

You can reach me by email, or find me on LinkedIn and Twitter. You can also see my resume. I would love to chat.



Role: Senior UX Designer
Responsibilities: Research, UX Strategy, Prototyping, High Fidelity Designs

As Intapp's first in-house UX designer I've worked with 11 product teams to establish design practices and methodology, transforming the way design is approached at an organizational level. As those enhancements have taken root I've helped grow the team to be able to deliver design solutions in an agile environment.

Serving Intapp's portfolio of products I've worked with individual teams to perform research, synthesizing it to identify user problems, and defining features to solve them.

I also lead the effort to establish a design system to create consistency between the products as well as enabling all products to benefit from continued evolution to designs.

Juvie Talk the Play

Client: Richard Ross (Juvenile-in-Justice)
Role: UX Consultant
Responsibilities: Stakeholder Interviews, Sitemap, Userflow, Wireframes

Sitemap and Wireframes

Richard Ross’s latest book, Juvie Talk, is meant to be a curricular tool for a discussion of human rights, mass incarceration and the potential for children to succeed.

As a companion to the book, Ross hired me to design a play builder tool to allow teachers and directors to specify the number of actors, the key topics, and the amount of time available, to create a custom script that could be used to direct their own Juvie Talk performance.

Delta Uplift

Client: Delta
Agency: Epsilon
Role: UX Designer
Responsibilities: Audit of existing process, Wireframes



Delta’s Uplift program enables flight attendants to earn rewards for promoting Delta’s branded American Express card. Even though, there is a lot of interest among flight attendants, Delta only saw a 20.5% completion rate in the registration process, with most users dropping off midway through.

I performed an audit of the existing process and discovered several points of friction that could account for the the drop off, as well as other elements that could cause confusion.

I presented these findings along with wireframes for recommended changes. In the first week after implementation, completion rates rose to 46.0%

GM Sales Touch

Client: Internal Teams / GM
Agency: Epsilon
Role: UX Designer
Responsibilities: User Interviews, Wireframes, Prototype



The GM Sales Touch team had a laborious and highly involved process for producing lots of variations on a single design for quarterly promotions. This process included printing proofs of the 20+ variations, sticking them in a job bag, and driving them to the client three hours away. They would then collect feedback on post it notes, and drive them back to the office.

I conducted user interviews and worked with our technology team to develop a concept that would allow them to automate the repetitive parts of the process, as well as collect client feedback without the need for a roadtrip.

Partner Referral & Event Signup Tool

Client: Intel
Agency: Quango
Role: Senior Interaction Designer
Responsibilities: Stakeholder Interviews, Wireframes, Userflows


Intel incentivizes its distributors to register resellers into its partner program, so that they can keep abreast of all the new products, promotions, and technologies coming out of Intel. Prior to Quango’s involvement, they were relying on partners to self report who had referred them to the program. This resulted in an unreliable database of references, which caused frustration among distributors because they did not receive credit for all of their registrations.

I designed a system to allow distributors to create unique URLs for partners to use during registration, which automatically tagged their referrals.

As the business needs expanded, I designed standalone apps that could be taken to tradeshows to collect registrations on the spot. Since event wifi is spotty at best, the app included the ability to sync registrations to the cloud at a later time.

Training Games

Client: Intel
Agency: Quango
Role: Senior Interaction Designer
Responsibilities: Concept, Wireframes, Prototype, Metrics Analysis

Intel deploys training to resellers, so that they are able to speak to the features and advantages of their products. Through discovery, we found that the existing format of sound enabled training presentations were not engaging their audience, resulting in poor retention of key information.

In order to make training more engaging my team at Quango developed several training game concepts. These games would incorporate key product messaging into the gameplay, storylines, and dialog of short games. We utilized a retro style to make for familiar gameplay, and pop culture references to help make content more memorable.

I produced concepts, wireframes, sketches, and gameplay prototypes for a set of video game style trainings to help sales partners learn the features and advantages of new Intel products. The games resulted in increased engagement and better information retention than the previous format of sound enabled training presentations.